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maggs_: very easy geohacker: look for a file called 'encoding' and set it to UTF-8 GeekSquid: it's a fresh lubuntu cablop: I'm using pidgin, but that doesn't seem to save messages... cablop: BTW, thanks for answering my other question. :) Magnesium: ah... then you have to use a non-ui chat program Magnesium, use a tranfer plugin.. cablop: Will try xchat, thanks. thanks GSquid and Psinetic Magnesium, look for something like clirc Magnesium: i was going to suggest chatzilla, but your on pidgin Magnesium, it has network transfer support yagoo: I'm using chatzilla... Magnesium, it can also save to gmail.. yagoo: I'm going to find a way to do that too... Magnesium, yeah i'm sure you can do that.. yagoo: how do I do that? Magnesium, just find a way to connect to gmail.. yagoo: OK, thanks. :) if I have a bunch of.png files that are transparent, and I want to make them black instead of transparent, is there any way to do it besides turning them all black? yagoo: oh... yagoo: I just found a plugin called "gaim-otr". crf, Depends on the program.. I guess. But if they're not a native format, i'd just change the color of the.png file. crf, And reimport it. is there a way to set my display to mirror on my second monitor, or is it only one way? crf: You might be able to use imagem




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CRACK Atomic Mail Sender 4.27 Crack [RH] eduarosa

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